Hola, bonjour, 你好,and こんにちは!

We want to give a HUGE thank you to the more than 500 people who have downloaded our Lingua Magicka demo and to everybody who has added Lingua Magicka to their Wishlists! As a small team of indie developers, we are so overwhelmed by the response to our game — we’re so glad to have to you on this first part of Trist’s journey!

Lingua Magicka is truly a labor of love among a multi-lingual, international team of indie game developers in the United States and the Canary Islands. While our team may be small, it is filled with passionate and talented people who want to make this (and the other titles we currently have in development) the best game possible. This is why we’ve decided to push back Lingua Magicka’s release date until January 31, 2019. 

We realize that a number of you will be bummed by this, but we feel it’s better to delay and give all of you something we’re proud of, then to rush to market. October was always a very ambitious release date considering what we are hoping to do with this game, but we want to make sure our team has enough time to really make this title great. We hope that players will continue to discover and enjoy our demo in the coming months and we can’t wait to show off the progress we’ve been making on creating Trist’s world.

Thank you again to the players for keeping the magic alive!