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"We are a team of experienced and pasionate game developers spread around the world. From California to North Carolina to Spain to France, we all have one major thing in common: We love making games that we want to play! The moments we spend gaming are memories waiting to be discovered. It's the ideaology of Relativity, and our mission is to share that feeling with you. So go ahead, press play."

City Builder





City Builder is a family-friendly puzzle game about building your own cities across 5 continents around the world. Build roads, lay pipes and power lines, and deal with crazy creatures like Bigfoot and Aliens to build the ultimate city.

Ice Cream Shop

Platform: App Store for iPhone and iPad

Genre: Mobile

Developers: BoomBox SL


Chill out and enjoy the adorably sweet new cooking game AfterTales: Ice Cream Shop! Join Goldie Locks as she sets up her very own Ice Cream Shop to create enchanted desserts for all of her AfterTale friends! Help create the most amazing frozen delights including fantastic Frozen Yogurt, irresistible Ice Cream Cakes, sweet Shaved Ice, and many more!

Duck Hunting Challenge

Platform: Desktop, Nintendo

Genre: Action, First-Person

Developers: BoomBox SL


Pack up your gear, call on your canine companion, and get ready for one of the best hunting trips ever. Duck hunt Challenge features an engaging Career mode, as well as fun Quick Hunt mode -- allowing players to test their skills and earn new weapons, camo, and more. Along wiht this trusty hunting dog, players will get to travel the US, upping their skills and unlocking new challenges.



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