Barbie: Best Job Ever


Up to 450K monthly users

Avg. time on app of 31 mins

Highest monetizing Mattel developed app

American Girl World

App Store feature in 10 countries

4.2 rating on Google with 2,000+ reviews

Featured in American Girl Magazine, seen by 325,000 subscribers!

Monster High - Ghouls & Jewels

5.4 million+ downloads to date

Up to 600K monthly users

Avg. 15 minutes session length


City Builder

Interactive pipe puzzle game

Fun for all ages

First created for the Wii

Updated and developed for Steam 2017

Switch & mobile versions coming May 2018!

Jillian Michaels - Fitness Ultimatum 2010

Top 500 Wii games of all time

Developed with innovative technology to work with Wii Fitness Pad

Featured on the Wall Street Journal

Fast Finger

500k+ installs

3.8 rating on Google Play

No. 1 puzzle game in 58 countries

Multi-platform play that allows players to compete against their friends and the global leaderboard


Color Alive

Launched in December 2016

Used AR tech to bring 2D drawings to life in 3D animated representations

Includes Disney’s Frozen, DC Superhero Girls, Marvel’s Avengers and Activision’s Skylander brands

Fashion SuperStar

Launched in July 2017

10k+ installs & 500+ reviews

Built on Color Alive tech to allow players to scan 2D drawings and turn them into 3D fashions Physical product received prime placement in Wal-Mart and Target during the holiday season

Funny Faces

Launched March 2018

4-star rating on Google Play

Accompanying physical products featured in Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon and more.



Top 10 PSP games of all time

More than 500k units sold

Featured on Yahoo!, GameSpot, Pocket Gamer, Play Magazine and more

Jumper - Griffin's Story

Tie-in for 20th Century Fox’s Jumper

Made for Wii, PS2 and 360

Featured on IGN, GamesRadar+, GameSpot and more

Brave - A Warrior's Tale

Light action-adventure game aimed at casual players

Initially available on PS2 and developed for 360 and Wii

Featured on Game Spot, IGN, and Xbox Magazine


Ultimate Duck Hunting

Made for Wii and PC

Career mode, dog training, and quick hunt modes

Featured several weapons, camo outfits and dogs

Ultimate Hoops Challenge

Wii exclusive game

Featured basketball legends like Larry Bird and Bill Walton

Several mini-game modes and multiplayer

Mathews Bowhunting

Wii exclusive game

Branded game for Mathews Archery

Worked with specially made Mathews Bow accessory


Lingua Magicka

Currently in development

Steampunk language learning game

Demo available now on Steam in four languages

Original IP that was designed and built in-house

Plans to expand to console

Suze Orman's Money Game

Money management game in partnership with Suze Orman

More than 30 hours of gameplay

Players had 7 goals to choose from that feature real-world money advice

Equoo - Emotional Fitness Game

Currently in development

Narrative-based mental fitness game

Developed in partnership with psychologist

Silja Litvin, founder of PsycApps

Players learn about themselves through psychology lessons and then put what they’ve learned into practice via interactive stories


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